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Introducing M&M Home Remodeling Services

Based in Crete, Illinois, our family owned and operated company serves homeowners seeking professional exterior remodeling services. We possess expertise in the completion of flat roof repair and replacement. M&M Home Remodeling Services possesses extensive experience in this complex roofing field. Unlike typical sloping roofs, flat roofs often involve highly specialized repair issues, especially in locations which sometimes experience extensive water runoff issues.

Our customer appreciate our solid track record of accomplishment as dependable building contractors. We've won awards for our accredited construction services.

A few of the accolades we received recently:

The ProVia
Platinum Award

An award issued to dealerships from commercial door provider ProVia.

Excellence Award

An award from an acclaimed provider of roofing materials.

Owens Corning 2016 Preferred Contractor Award

An award bestowed upon select contractors by Owens Corning, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass products, including fiberglass reinforcement supplies.

When you seek a qualified specialist to assist you in inspecting and repairing a flat roof, contact M&M Home Remodeling Services in the Greater Chicago Area! We'll evaluate the condition of your roof and, if necessary, recommend specific steps we can take to correct problems. We also provide qualified flat roof replacement.

When to repair or replace your flat roof:

Flat roofs implicate some specific contracting and structural support issues. Unlike sloping roofs, these surfaces may accumulate heavy snow burdens during the winter. Snow and ice will usually slide off a steeply tilted residential roof; by contrast, precipitation sometimes remains in place on top of flat roofs for extended periods of time during periods of cold weather in the Chicago area. Similarly, since accumulated melting snow creates considerable drainage, contractors who maintain flat roofs for customers need to pay close attention to water drainage and runoff issues.

It remains a wise idea to inspect your flat or gently sloping roof at least annually, especially if you reside in regions with significant snowfalls during winter months. Pay especial attention to signs of rotting wood or structural deterioration.

Flat roofs represent a highly specialized area of roof contracting. For instance, some older flat roofs incorporate drainage holes into the roof; these areas must remain unobstructed to permit water runoff and prevent the buildup of weight from melting snow on the surface. Your roof inspector must possess the skills required to correctly identify these drainage features. It remains one reason you should not seek repair services from roofers unfamiliar with the special demands of flat and very gently sloping roofs.

If you encounter exceptionally heavy water drainage issues from your roof, leaks, dampness or other indications of possible roof problems, contact a qualified flat roof repair contractor promptly for assistance! In rare instances, a flat roof experiencing structural problems may give way, resulting in property damage and potential injuries to building occupants.


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M&M Home Remodeling Services works with some of the world's premier suppliers of roofing materials, including Owens Corning and GAF. When you seek the services of a professional roofer equipped with the expertise to address flat roof issues or, if necessary, perform a compete flat roof replacement, contact us!

Our company took the extra effort required to become a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractor. This designation indicates we've attended specialized roof installation classes, developed a good reputation in our community, and met applicable licensing and insurance obligations. When you hire us to repair or replace your roof, you'll benefit from receiving highly qualified contractor services.

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When you seek specialized roof repair or replacement services for a flat (or very gently sloping) roof in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, depend upon M&M Home Remodeling Services. You can request a free estimate by filling out the convenient information request form on our website.

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You can be assured of quality when you enlist M&M Home Remodeling Services. We use the best materials from Owens Corning®. We are an accredited Owens Corning® Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor and a certified Owens Corning® Top of the House Preferred Contractor (roofing, ventilation, and insulation). We are a recognized member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Because M&M Home Remodeling Services is a GAF Factory Certified Master Elite Weather Stopper® Roofing Contractor, you also get the best warranty in the field. The GAF warranty covers manufacturing defects and contractor workmanship for 25 years, even if your contractor is no longer in business.

At M&M Home Remodeling Services we stand behind our reputation for honest service and excellent craftsmanship. Serving Illinois and Northwest Indiana since 1976, we are the right choice for all your shingle roofing needs.

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We offer competitive pricing and LIFETIME WARRANTIES on ROOFS, SIDING, and WINDOWS to ensure lasting solutions delivered at the highest quality and standard. We are LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED, so you can be worry-free when you choose us for your home remodeling projects.

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