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Properly installed roof shingles will keep your home protected and get the maximum life out of your investment. With over 40 years of experience, M&M Home Remodeling Services will ensure that the job is done right. We only use quality materials installed by experienced professionals. Value and dependability are guaranteed through a lifetime warranty.

When to Get your Shingle Roof Inspected:

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Some telltale signs are shingles that are breaking, cracked, buckled, or missing. If you see any of these, and especially if you start finding pieces of shingle on the ground around your home, it's time for an inspection.

Water Damage from Leaks

If you see water spots or areas on your ceiling that are beginning to warp or buckle, you may have a leak. Water dripping in your house when it rains almost definitely means you have a problem with the roof.

Discolored Roof

Has the original color of your roof noticeably faded? If so, it may be an indicator that your roof has reached its age limit. (Note, this is not purely aesthetic. Aged shingles become brittle, and will eventually need replacing, even if they don't seem damaged)

Mold and Rot

If there is evidence of mold forming on your roof, or if you can see rotten wood anywhere on top or around the edges of your roof, an inspection is warranted. (You might not need roof repair or replacement, but an inspection is a good idea)

After a Major Weather Event

If a hailstorm has recently battered your home, it may have caused damage that is not visible from the ground. Heavy winds can dislodge shingles or cause debris to land on your roof and compromise the integrity of the roof. A professional will be able to tell you if there are issues that need attention.

After 25 Years

Once a shingle roof is 25 years old, even if it has not had any specific problems, it should be examined to make sure that it's still sealed and stable. It might be good to go for a short while longer, but not indefinitely.

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Shingle Roof Repair vs Replacement

Shingle Roof Repair versus replacement

M&M Home Remodeling Services will recommend either shingle roofing repair or replacement based on the type of wear and damage to your roof shingles. Here are four factors that will determine the best course of action:


How extensive is the damage? The more extensive the damage the less likely a repair can be made.


What is the overall condition of the roof? Even if problem areas are localized, the overall condition of the roof may suggest that a whole-roof replacement is necessary to head off future problems.


Where is the damage located? Some areas of the roof are easier to repair than others.


What is the most cost effective solution? In some cases spending a little more today to replace your roof will save you from having to pay for expensive repairs in the future. A new roof will also add to your home's value.

Finally, if it's time to have your roof replaced, consider a complete roofing system which includes proper roof ventilation and attic insulation for your home, improving your home's heating and cooling and extending the life of your roof.

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You can be assured of quality when you enlist M&M Home Remodeling Services. We use the best materials from Owens Corning®. We are an accredited Owens Corning® Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor and a certified Owens Corning® Top of the House Preferred Contractor (roofing, ventilation, and insulation). We are a recognized member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Because M&M Home Remodeling Services is a GAF Factory Certified Master Elite Weather Stopper® Roofing Contractor, you also get the best warranty in the field. The GAF warranty covers manufacturing defects for 50 years and contractor workmanship for 25 years, even if your contractor is no longer in business.

At M&M Home Remodeling Services we stand behind our reputation for honest service and excellent craftsmanship. Serving Illinois and Northwest Indiana since 1976, we are the right choice for all your shingle roofing needs.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer competitive pricing and LIFETIME WARRANTIES on ROOFS, SIDING, and WINDOWS to ensure lasting solutions delivered at the highest quality and standard. We are LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED, so you can be worry-free when you choose us for your home remodeling projects.

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