Soffit, Fascia & Gutters


Protect your roof investment by providing proper ventilation, helping to prevent roof structure and rafter decay.

Gutters and downspouts are important for the health and well-being of your house. By directing roof runoff away from your foundation walls, this drainage system is your first line of defense against basement or crawl space flooding.

A well-functioning gutter and downspout system preserves your topsoil and protects exterior siding and trim from backsplash water that can damage paint and cause wood rot. The experts at M&M Home Remodeling Services can install quality gutters that will provide effective roof drainage year round!

Things to Consider When Choosing Gutters & Downspouts

Because older gutters & downspouts can be difficult and costly to repair, many homeowners elect to replace old with new. Gutter and downspout choices are more varied today than ever before.

  • Material
  • Color
  • Style

Seamless & Leafless Gutter Systems

Cleaning your gutters is something that should be done regularly as part of home maintenance. This is typically a job that needs to be done either annually or biannually, depending on the amount of trees near your home. If your tired of cleaning your gutters ask about our seamless, leafless gutter systems!

Gutters are supposed to take water away from the home. If they are clogged, then the water overflows and ends up running down the side of the home and eventually causing foundation problems.

Strong, Durable & Long Lasting Gutter Guards

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The Raindrop® Gutter Guard

RainDrop Gutter Guards

Raindrop® provides gutter protection like no other gutter guard available. Every aspect of the Raindrop® Gutter Guard is essential in its goal to provide a maintenance free & self-cleaning gutter protection system, far more advanced than anything available on the market today.

  • Works on every roof style
  • Fits both 5″ and 6″ gutters
  • Can be modified to fit 4″ to 10″ gutters

Soffit & Fascia

Located on the exterior of your home, the role of the fascia and soffit is not only to give the roofing system a smooth appearance but to also offer protection. This is why it's important for these two to be properly installed, to improve the overall functionality of the roof.

James Hardie Soffit


Extending from the side of the structure to the edges of the eave, the soffit is what is used beneath the eave on the house’s exterior in order to seal the space beneath. Soffit is available in vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, and comes in numerous colors.

Part of the function of a soffit is to help in ventilating the attic, it typically features small holes which allow the air to cycle to the vents thereby drawing moisture and heat away. This is extremely vital as moisture in the attic can lead to rotting in the rafters and sheathing.


The fascia is used to create a barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof. Typically installed behind the gutters and beneath the roof line. It can be made from fiber-cement board, cedar, or aluminum.

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City, State: South Holland, IL

Armando, Hector & Crew, leaders were very courteous & professionals the crew members responded positively to any comments, instructions from the crew leaders. Everybody on the job was clean, neat and respectful of landscaping etc. Cleaned up adequately. You could only hope that all your crews worked like this one. These guys did not even stop to eat lunch!

City, State: Gary, IN

Did a very good job and clean-up was great my yard look better after they was done. They did gutter and got out the leafs, I thought I would have to rake the yard when they got done but I didn't.

City, State: Glenwood, IL

Listened to my concerns. Addressed all challenges immediately. Worked in the in-climate weather - rain. Arrived on time (really before); left late an enjoyable crew - very creative & artistic.

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