To-dos: Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Read below for more details on preventative maintenance for your home this fall.
This M&M home remodel included installation of the roof, the siding, the entry door, and the windows.

Don’t wait until the icy chill of winter sets in! These are your must-do chores for the autumn months.

Start tackling your fall home maintenance to-dos now to save money and prevent future headaches. You definitely don’t want to be dealing with emergency repairs in the middle of winter, especially when they could have been avoided by simply inspecting your home for leaks, cracks, and drafts in the fall.

Ready your home for winter’s harsh rain, snow, and wind with this helpful list of essential fall chores:

    1. Round Up Leaves
        • Don’t let leaves pile up for long! When leaves collect in your yard and get wet, that moisture can cause mold to grow. The mound of leaves that your kids might pounce on could become a breeding ground for insects.
        • Rake or blow leaves off your lawn. You can use a mulching mower to shred leaves into smaller pieces.
        • While some people bag their leaves, it’s better to reuse them in your backyard, as they are a great source of nutrients. Throw leaves on your compost pile or use them to create a winter blanket over your garden.
  1. Goodbye Gutter Gunk! How to De-gunk Your Gutters. 
    • You’ve picked up all the leaves. Now it’s time to make sure your gutters are free of blockage due to leaves and debris.
    • After the trees in your yard have stopped dropping their leaves, check and clean your gutters.
    • Pro Tip for Gutter Cleaning: How to Make a Gunk Scooper
      • Find an old plastic jug.
      • Cut the bottom and side out of the jug so that it’s the same width as your gutter.
      • Loop a trash bag over the top of your ladder.
      • Use your DIY gunk scooper to shovel debris into the bag.
  • While you’re up on your ladder, survey your yard looking for any nearby tree limbs that are a little too close for comfort. Trim tree branches that could fall in a storm and damage your roof and/or gutters.
  1. Hitting the Roof: How to Inspect Your Roof
    • Examine your roof for wear and tear, which includes looking for shingles that are curling, buckling, cracking, or missing.
    • Look for dips or sags in your roof. These can signal an issue with the wood below your roof shingles.
    • If your roof is more than 20 years old, and you think it’s time to get it replaced you should schedule a FREE in-home consultation with M&M Home Remodeling Services.
      • Please note that there is a difference between a roof consultation from a remodeling company like M&M, and a certified roof inspection that is done when buyers and real estate agents put in an offer on a property. While M&M does not perform the latter type of inspection, they will come to your home if you have missing shingles, a leak, or your roof is old and may require a complete roofing system.
    • Check the flashing around chimneys, fireplaces, and pipes for rust spots. If you see any leaks or gaps, take note and consult a professional because this is how ice and heavy snow will creep in.
  • Note that if you find black algae on your roof, it is only a superficial problem. If, however, you find a significant amount of moss and lichen that could be a sign that your roof has decay underneath. Be sure to contact M&M for an evaluation. 
  1. Sealing the Deal: How to Inspect Windows and Doors
    • Keep drafts at bay by checking your windows and doors for leaks and drafts.
    • Pro tip for Detecting Drafts
      • Find a candle or an incense stick.
      • Light your candle or incense stick and move it around the perimeter of the window or door.
      • Drafts will pull the smoke in their direction so you’ll be able to figure out where the cold air is seeping in.
    • Check windows to see if the weather stripping around them is worn or needs to be replaced. Double-pane windows that are newer may not need weather stripping, but older windows may need it to retain heat and prevent drafts.
    • Caulk cracks around windows and doorframes as well as between trim and siding with a color-matched exterior caulk. This is an inexpensive way to block moisture from getting inside your walls. Plus, you will seal air leaks, which waste energy.
  • Don’t forget to clean and store screens when you replace them with your storm windows and doors.

If your fall maintenance to-dos require help from a professional for repairs or replacements, don’t hesitate to call M&M Home Remodeling Services for a free in-home consultation today at: 1.800.930.2905.

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