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Roof, Siding, Gutters & Downspouts

We couldn't ask for a better company to do the excellent job on our roof, siding, gutters, & downspouts. From the phone calls to M & M to the Sales Representative, Trace who was very helpful and knowledgeable as to what was best for our project. Jesus L. and his hard working crew did an excellent job on our roof. Hector and his hard working man also did a excellent job on our siding, gutters, and downspouts. All were very polite, courteous, very professional. All the work was done in a timely manner and our property was left clean. All we can say is we would recommend M & M to anyone. Excellent hard workers! We couldn't be more pleased.

M&M Home Remodeling Services

Thank you for your review! We truly appreciate you taking the time to let us and others know how we are doing. We hope we can serve you and your family again if the need arises.

Mike H.| IL

Very happy with sales person and he really worked with me, he looked out for us.

Terry & Kathy G | IN

I wish I had space and time to tell you the story. I met with Jeremy a year ago and was blown away by his presentation. My husband wanted me to get a total of 3 estimates and after Jeremy I know he was the guy! We had our estimates and then...we couldn't swing it financially. :-( I kept Jeremy's # in my phone and ... over a year later I texted him and asked if he would come over and redo our estimate. I was sold again BUT...had to get a total of 3 estimates. :-\ ...back to work I set out to get this done!! I was interested in another company but <ul> <li>Jeremy's personality, flexibility, knowledge, kindness, presentation blew the other guys out of the water.</li><li>My husband (a hard sell) was so impressed with Jeremy and agreed he was "The Professional"!</li><li>We looked at the numbers over and over and over and I recall the day my husband was going to discuss numbers with Jeremy. AGAIN- such the professional!</li><li>Never pressing, never pushing...<span style="text-decoration: underline;">INCREDIBLE PATIENT MAN</span></li><li>My husband likes the details and Jeremy delivered <span style="text-decoration: underline;">every time</span> we made a change! Can't be more satisfied with Jeremy. He deserves a raise!</li><li>I got to see the crew every morning. So, so kind and respectful. Antonio was so kind. I have never seen such hard working men. It was so hot every day and they worked through it with never a break (that I saw). They worked in a thunder storm over Labor Day weekend and were so so respectful.</li></ul>I never met Derick but Terry said he was responsive to his texts and calls. Running out of room so I'll close with a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MandM employees. Very satisfied customer.

Andre & Michelle | IN

I and my wife just to thank all of the personnel involved with completion of my dormer addition and new roof. MandM is a first class company. From the inception of the first sales call by <em>Nathan Napier</em> and the follow up with Nathan and Deric to confirm and review all of the aspect of the job, a very thorough and comprehensive plan was developed. All of our questions were answered completely with a good explanations and details. I never had an issue with any subsequent call for additional information or request. Aurelio and his crew were absolutely amazing to watch, non-stop from the time the arrival to departure about a 12 hour day. The roof looks spectacular a big improvement with additional vent and ridge vent. . We really like the two Velux? sun tube installed, really make a major improvement. The clean up and site preparation was very impressive. Deric, Kevin, and Mike all very professional and courteous, answered all of our questions regarding the dormer addition. The finish details were done very well. At the end of the day the clean up was excellent. I was planning on completing the interior work later this year; I should have minimal work to marry the two rooms with the addition. John Claxton was the last crew to finish the addition, I never got to meet them, but the final result was very impressive. Appearance is very good and high quality. The entire staff we had the pleasure of meeting and the calls I made to the office were very professional and courteous. Again thank you for a job well done, and we are sure the quality and workmanship should exceed our expectation over time. I will never hesitate to recommend MandM to anyone that has any home improvement projects.

Leonard M | Roof Repair | IL

Jeff Bergeson and and a very nice lady I spoke to on the phone. I can't remember her name.

Eugene R | IN

I was impressed and appreciated that Nate not only explained why my dormers were leaking, but also inspected other elements of my roof and found that my plumbing stacks were not sealed very well either. I would have overlooked checking them out! Thanks Nate for doing your job exceptionally!

Eugene R | IN

I was impressed and appreciated that Nate not only explained why my dormers were leaking, but also inspected other elements of my roof and found that my plumbing stacks were not sealed very well either. I would have overlooked checking them out! Thanks Nate for doing your job exceptionally!

Bruce H | IL

The installation supervisor was outstanding, did everything he said he would do. He treated his men with great professional respect and dignity. In my opinion he deserves a bonus, we was right there side by side with his men working the entire time. Don Dillings the salesperson and the crew superior were both outstanding and I give them each 4 stars.

Queenola S | IL

I was most satisfied with every area. They cleaned my yard. I could not even tell they were there. The salesperson came out to assure me everything would be fine, and it was. I already referred a couple of friends. This is the second time they have done work for me, and I have been satisfied both times.

Lewis | Windows | IL

They do a good job, and they came when they said they would. They were all around good, and I had no problems with them. I recommend them to anyone. They are a good company you can depend on. They come when they say they will. Everything is important, including the clean up. The gentleman who took the list and signed the contract with me was good. There is nothing you can do. You are at the top. I will always use them.

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